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Clean Shower

Clean-Tent:  a range of portable and temporary cleanrooms  with full protocol integrity and at an affordable price.  

CT675 cleantent portable cleanroom

clean shower - laminar down flow enclosure for cleanroom micro climate Clean-Shower: a modular designed vertical or horizontal flow air booth which creates a "micro-climate" to protect delicate and sensitive equipment or processes.
Clean-Hood: an inexpensive vertical or horizontal laminar flow hood mountable on any laboratory bench or on the specially designed clean room workstation. Upgrades include - electrical pack, tri-fold valence, differential pressure meter, remote pre-filter location ( handy for pressurising a room) Clean cube laminar flow cleanroom booth
cleanroom design and build projects Cleanroom projects: design and build or just consultancy, call us for a no obligation quotation on your cleanroom requirements
Cleanroom Furniture: all stainless steel 304 grade (316 option) constructed cleanroom benches, workstations, step over benches, shelving, mobile trollys, drawer units etc.  cleanroom stainless steel drawer unit on castors for mobility
Clean cube free standing cleanroom designed in a modular construction

Clean-Cube:  a modular approach to a self supporting cleanroom structure with all plant and services roof side.